A crucial part of your electrical system is played by circuit breakers. A circuit breaker may be reset, as opposed to a fuse. It just takes a few minutes to replace the breaker fuse from the electrical service panel in your home. Parts of the service panel, where the utility’s power enters your home, always have lethal quantities of electricity flowing through them. You must be extremely careful not to touch the live elements once you remove the panel cover. We are here to provide you with information on replacing the breaker switch.

circuit breaker repair
A male electrician works in a switchboard with an electrical connecting cable and connects the equipment with tools.

Before You Start

You must decide which brand, style, and size of breaker you will be replaced with before you can start the replacement. Do not mix and match breaker types even if they will all fit into panels made by different manufacturers if they haven’t been tested and authorized for usage.

A breaker from one manufacturer should never be swapped out for one from another. There are changes in tension, how they attach in the holder, and how firmly they mount to the bus bars even if they appear to be similar. The necessary identifying numbers are on a little placard that is located next to the reset lever. Take note of these details and get a matching circuit breaker replacement.

How To Deactivate Your Breaker Panels’ Main Power Source

It’s simple to shut off your home’s electrical system’s primary supply. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to carry it out correctly.

Turn Off and Unplug All of Your Home’s Appliances

First and foremost, make sure that all of your appliances are disconnected and off before turning off the electricity to the house from the outside. This will protect your gadgets from harm caused by an unplanned power outage. Every time you need to switch off a circuit inside or outside of your home, make it a habit to do this.

Locate The Main Breaker

Look at the base of your electric meter to find your primary breaker. Normally, it is fastened to the line just before it enters your building. The meter base is fixed to the wall of your home in some residences next to an electricity pole. Nevertheless, certain meter bases are affixed to a specific pole, particularly for residences located far from the electricity post.

Turn Off the Main Breaker

A lever switch can be found when you locate and open the primary breaker’s casing. Since the supply has been switched off, you may use a non-contact voltage testing kit to make that the line is powerless. Replacing a breaker by following this, you may safely troubleshoot your electrical system.

Turn Up the Main Breakers

You may now turn on the primary power source for your electrical system after finishing your work. You must set your primary breaker to the on position to turn it on.

Resetting A Main Circuit Breaker That Has Tripped

More so than changing a fuse, resetting a tripped circuit breaker is very straightforward.

You should call an electrician to assist you to identify and resolve the issue if your breakers often trip.

Replacing a Circuit Breaker

It’s a good idea to have an electrician check the job when you’re finished, even if you have enough electrical skills to recognize that a circuit breaker is the source of your worry and decide to repair it yourself.

Switch Of the Circuit Breaker

After making sure everything is correct, you may then decide what to do next. You must make sure that the power system is turned off by checking the nearby breakers. Any error might result in permanent emotional harm.

Remove The Cover

After confirming that panel is dead, take off its cover. You may reach the branch breakers by removing the panel cover. The primary circuit breaker cover doesn’t need to be removed. Only experts should handle it since it is dangerous. But simply removing the panel cover, you may change the circuit breaker.

Unplug The Cables

You must now unplug the cable from the broken breaker. You may then remove the breaker after this. You must proceed with caution. Check the circuitry and fit such that you can easily replace the broken circuit breaker with a new one.

Test The Newly Installed Circuit Breaker

Examine the new installation’s positioning and fit. Additionally, keep an eye on other circuits and secure any loose connections. After installing the panel cover, you may switch on the main circuit and any additional breakers. To confirm that they are all working, use the voltage checker.

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